The ‘Trump Selection’ has finally landed in UK supermarkets. And it looks as fabulous as it sounds: freshly chlorinated chickens reared with no care by underpaid farmers in the US, pesticide-filled baby food with traces of arsenic and limitless sugar to help your child grow stronger… and more to come soon!

We’re kidding. These products are not yet available in the UK, but they could be after a trade deal with Trump!
And that’s no joke.

Secret talks have already started between the US and the UK. A trade deal with Trump could undermine food and environmental standards, further open the NHS to US corporations, see medicine prices massively increased and block climate action. But we can stop this!

Take action against a toxic trade deal with Trump

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Take action in your local area

Order a #TrumpInYourTrolley activist pack and take action at your local supermarket to raise awareness about the dangers of a US-UK trade deal.

Trump Selection

How to take action

Each pack contains:

  • 3 copies of our ‘Trump selection’ chlorinated chicken box
  • 3 copies of our ‘Trump selection’ baby food box
  • 6 spoof price tags for supermarket shelves
  • 10 copies of our petition against a toxic US-UK trade deal
  • 2 posters
  • A fact sheet with more information about the ‘Trump selection’ boxes

All you need to do is:

  1. 1) Assemble the boxes of chlorinated chicken and baby food from this pack

    2) Visit your local supermarket and place the boxes on a shelf in the relevant food section. You can also slide the price tags in the plastic sleeves on the shelves. Alternatively, if you’re self-isolating or just don’t feel like visiting the supermarket, you can place the boxes in your own fridge, cupboard or on the dining table.

    3) Take a few pictures and share, add your personal message and share your post or tweet on your social media using the hashtag #TrumpInYourTrolley

    4) After you’ve taken the picture in a supermarket, please take the boxes and the price tags off the shelf and carry them away with you

Spread the word


When establishing the Soil Association, Lady Eve Balfour argued that its most important objective, was ‘to harness the power of informed public opinion’ to drive change in our food and farming systems. That was in 1946, and here we are, nearly 80 years later and we still haven't succeeded! ⠀

At WHAg we support and champion #Farmers that go above and beyond to produce food that prioritises health. We cannot do it without you; we need you to join our community (it's free) so that we can demonstrate that there is support, there's a link in our bio.⠀⠀

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A brief synopsis of the most contentious issue in farming currently: The #AgricultureBill⠀

A trade deal with the US could introduce chemicals, hormones and antibiotics into foods, cosmetics, toys and many other products that have, until now, been banned in the UK under EU regulations. The health concern of introducing these products into our lives is alarming. There is also a financial worry. Many farmers and producers are convinced that if their prices are undercut by cheaply produced US foods then it will effectively become uneconomic to farm in the UK. ⠀

On Monday 12th October, the House of Commons struck down a Lords amendment to the #AgricultureBill to force trade deals to meet UK animal welfare and food safety rules. This went back to Lords on Wednesday 21st October, where Peers backed a move aimed at ensuring agricultural and food imports meet equivalent benchmarks as British producers, including on animal welfare, environmental protection and food safety. It now goes back to Parliament. Join GlobalJusticeNow on Saturday and ask the House of Commons to back the amendments and #StoptheUStradedeal and #SaveOurStandards. ⠀

#TrumpInYourTrolley #WHAg #FingerWHAg #WholeHealth #Regenerative #Wholistic #Holistic⠀

Find out more about what the trade deal with the US might mean by watching Channel4's revealing Dispatches episode: Dirty Secrets of American Food (Link in bio)

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Coming to a supermarket near you!
Reposted from globaljusticenow The ‘Trump Selection’ has landed in UK supermarkets and it looks as fabulous as it sounds: freshly chlorinated chickens reared with no care by underpaid farmers in the US, pesticide-filled baby food with traces of arsenic and limitless sugar to help your child grow stronger... and much more to come soon! Check out the entire range at and order your box now!
(Link in bio)

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Chlorinated chicken Spotted in #Brixton 👀
This is what a trade deal with #Trump could bring to our tables 🤢
Check out globaljusticenow for more.
#trumpinyourtrolley #trade #brexit

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Spotted in Llandrindod Wells' Tesco, A worrying sign of things to come? Pesticide laced baby food and chlorinated chicken 🤮 #TrumpInYourTrolley

Glad to see the message about #TrumpTradeDeal, & danger to #foodstandards, #farmers #antibioticresistance from #chlorinatedchicken, and feeding #beef, #pigs, etc. on #growthhormones & #antibiotics is getting out in .@MENnewsdesk #TrumpInYourTrolley

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