Here are some questions and answers about our trade campaign and the Trump in your Trolley action. 


1. Why is a US-UK trade deal dangerous?

A trade deal between the US and the UK is likely to lower our food standards, open the NHS and other public services up to US corporations, and give more powers to secretive ‘corporate courts’.

Threat to our food standards

US food standards are vastly lower than the EU’s – a maggot in a carton of orange juice or 11 rat hairs in a small pot of paprika is perfectly acceptable. And that food could be coming to Britain as soon as a deal is signed.

If that wasn’t bad enough – US producers wash chicken meat with chemicals like chlorine to mask dirty conditions and low animal welfare standards. That means more cruelty for animals, and more risk of food poisoning for us.

Trump can’t wait to rip up our regulations so he can start sending his dodgy food to our shores to make huge profit: it’s up to us to expose and oppose this toxic trade deal.

Threat to the NHS and public services

A trade deal with the US poses serious risks to our health and public services. Our NHS would be unrecognisable:

  • Big pharmaceutical companies could force the NHS to pay high drug prices which is unsustainable for our NHS.
  • Corporations could harvest NHS patients’ sensitive data – and use it however they like
  • US private healthcare companies could continue to embed themselves in our NHS and future governments could be prevented from rolling back privatisation

Threat to the environment and climate

Trump is already rolling back even the modest stepsthe US had made towardsaction on climate change. If this deal goes through, fossil fuel corporations will continue to have free rein to pump out carbon – and if the UK government tries to stop them, the corporations could sue them.

In Canada, energy company Lone Pine is suing the government over a fracking ban in Quebec. In Ecuador, oil company Chevron sued the government when local communities tried to stop them dumping toxic waste in the Amazon – and won. And in the Netherlands, another energy company, Uniper, is threatening to sue over a decision to phase out coal power in the light of the climate crisis.

Read more in our briefing: Trading with Trump – What we can expect from a US-UK trade deal?

2. How do I take action in my local supermarket?

Taking action is very simple and could have a huge impact by getting people’s attention on social media and local press.

To get involved, fill out our form and order your activist pack. A how to guide with info and tips will be included in the pack, but here’s a quick summary:

1) Assemble your ‘Trump selection’ boxes

2) Visit your local supermarket(s)

3) Place the boxes in the chicken and baby food sections. You can slide the price tags (included in the pack) in the plastic sleeves on the shelves to help make the products more visible

4) Take a few pictures and share them on your social media using the hashtag #TrumpInYourTrolley and a link to www.trumpinyourtrolley.com

You could also set up a stall outside your supermarket and talk to people in your area about our trade campaign.

The pack also includes a press release template that you could you to write to your local press.

3. What are the risks of doing this action?

There is no significant legal risk to take this action as there is no damage to any of the products in the supermarket. Technically, there is a small risk of trespass but many organisations and people undertake this type of action without any problem at all. If you are asked by supermarket staff to remove the spoof packaging or to leave, it is best to comply as our campaign is not against the supermarket, customers or its staff who are only doing their jobs.

4. What else can I do to get involved?

There are many ways you can get involved in our trade campaign, by getting involved, spreading the word . Here are a few things you could do right now:

5. I’m not sure I want to take action by myself. Is there a Global Justice Now group I could join in my local area?

Taking action with other people can be easier and it’s definitely more fun. We have over 40 local activist groups across the UK – you’re welcome to join your local group or to set up your own if there isn’t one. Find out if there is a group in your local area or get in touch with our activist team at activism@globaljustice.org.uk